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Snotts and Sniffles: Can dogs and cats get the flu?

It’s flu season for everyone and thanks to public health campaigns I trust everyone knows that the “flu”, as we commonly referred to it, is a cold based on a virus. If we are going to be technical about it, it’s the “influenza virus” and every year medical professionals try and predict which strain H1N1, […]

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To Pee or Not To Pee

Well, the real “New Year” has begun and it’s time to talk about resolutions. A very common resolution for our pets may just be “this year I will not pee in the house!” I thought we might look at what peeing in the house means and when to be worried; it is an important issue […]

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The Deal with Vaccinations

In days of yore, veterinary medicine, like everything else, was pretty simple; you saw the vet once a year for “the shot” and that was that. But recent changes are making not only pet owner but veterinarians nervous. So, let’s take this slowly.

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For Auld Lang Syne/In Memory

Over the past few weeks I have been privy to a number of beautiful things and although my job is undeniably difficult at times, it is those aspects which make it difficult that also take my breath away.

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