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The Cost of Caring

The emotional and financial toll nearing the end of life.

Many of us have lost parents or grandparents and experienced the grief of losing a loved one. Some of us have had to take on the role of caregiver for those loved ones leading up to the end, it is a responsibility we take on because of love and respect.

Similar experiences happen with our beloved pets, the last few months or weeks often require extra effort for pet owners. Routines may have to be changed, getting up at night, giving medications, monitoring, having to assist getting them up. Factoring into this also includes the costs of those medications, visits to the vet, blood tests, mobility aids, etc.

Not to be underestimated is the emotional cost the worry, the patience, the sadness and eventually the grief. Caregivers deserve to be saluted for their selfless devotion, veterinarians deeply understand and appreciate that effort. We are here for support, encouragement, and guidance, helping our beloved pets through this journey is a blessing that can fill your heart to no end.

Written by Centretown Vet Team