Resident Clinic Cat

My name is Finnigan (or Finny, or Fin) and I've been living here ever since we opened in 2008! Since I'm the original clinic cat, I'm a little bit of a princess!

My favourite past time is probably either lounging around in my box on the reception desk & getting lots of love from the clients (when Dee doesn't steal my spot!) or sitting in front of the computers when the receptionists are trying to work! I'm a super silly but lovey boy & love to knock things off the counters & chew stuff in the treatment room!

I'm a little whiny, but everyone here loves me anyway! Clients always comment on how beautiful I am, so come visit me and give me all the loves and pets!


Cosmetic Dental Cleaning vs COHATs

As a pet owner, your goal is to always do what is best for your animal’s health.

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