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Finny on a chair


Resident Clinic Cat

My name is Finnigan (or Finny, or Fin) and I've been living here ever since we opened in 2008! Since I'm the original clinic cat, I'm a little bit of a princess!

My favourite past time is probably either lounging around in my box on the reception desk & getting lots of love from the clients (when Dee doesn't steal my spot!) or sitting in front of the computers when the receptionists are trying to work! I'm a super silly but lovey boy & love to knock things off the counters & chew stuff in the treatment room!

I'm a little whiny, but everyone here loves me anyway! Clients always comment on how beautiful I am, so come visit me and give me all the loves and pets!


Archie the dog lying on a bed with dental health book, toothbrush and toothpaste

Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

One of our RVTs Emily and her fur baby Archie show us how to properly take care of your pet's teeth!

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