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It’s Not Just “Dog Breath”

In our pets, just like us, plaque is the film that sticks to teeth, and if not removed, hardens into tartar. Over time tartar will cause decay of the tooth, damage to the gums, bone loss and pain. Dental health is linked to the body’s overall health and longevity

To address oral care, just like us, brushing regularly to remove the film of plaque is best. Soft toothbrushes and cat/dog toothpaste are readily available. For our pets there exists some oral care foods can provide some abrasion (like a brush), and have ingredients to prevent the formation of tartar. There are also dental treats, mouthwashes, water additives, which all can help, but just like us, a full dental cleaning is the only way to stop the progression of dental disease. At Centretown Veterinary Hospital, we are here to help!

A COHAT is a comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment. It begins with full general anesthesia, using very safe drugs, tailored to your pet. The patient’s heart rate and blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature are carefully monitored. We can use local freezing if any dental work is painful, which also lowers the amount of anesthetic needed. We take Xrays of each tooth, probe all sides over and under the gum lines, we clean and polish each tooth, we extract any teeth that are not viable, and perform any procedures that are required.

Dentistry is one of those things that is always better done sooner than later, even still most of our patients receiving a COHAT are seniors.

Once the mouth is healthy, there are many products available to keep those teeth clean and the breath fresh. A helpful link is, a website which has scientifically checked products that claim to prevent dental disease. Our team can help pick the best approach for your pet.

For more information, schedule an oral exam with one of our veterinarians so that we can start your pet down the road to better oral health!

Written by Centretown Vet Team