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Cat Vaccinations

We can provide your pet with the necessary vaccines (required by law) and suggest other optimal vaccines based on lifestyle, exposure and geography. Vaccines protect your pet from serious often deadly viruses and can prevent transmission to other animals and people. Vaccines are an effective, relatively low-cost option for patients to avoid potentially costly procedures and ensure a healthy, safe and happy pet.

Does my indoor cat need to be vaccinated?

Yes, all pets are at risk for contracting rabies- and it is required by law in Ontario. Other viruses can be transmitted on clothing and infect indoor cats. As indoor cats may get outside we recommend that they are vaccinated in order to keep them safe.

What are FVRCP and core vaccine for cats?

The FVRCP vaccine is a core vaccine for our feline patients. The vaccine protects against 3 common diseases: Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia in a single injection.

How often does my adult cat need to be vaccinated?

After the kitten vaccines have been boostered a year later, some vaccines are then given at a three-year interval. The rabies vaccine can be given yearly or every 3 years, the feline leukemia vaccine (aimed at cats who go outside) is given annually. Your veterinarian will help you decide on which combination of immunizations and schedule works best for your cat.


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